For Tutors – Tips to get more students.

    Stand out from the crowd of tutors and get more enquiries.

    How to be a great tutor

    It’s not about knowledge. Knowing your subject is critical, but alone, it isn’t enough to be a great teacher. You are also a motivator.


    Think of yourself as a sports coach.


    How often does a tennis coach show you how to serve? Does the coach show you how to serve for 50 minutes out of an hour lesson, while you watch? Nope.


    How often does the tennis coach get you to try serving, practicing, making mistakes, correcting them and practicing some more? That’s where 50 minutes of the lesson is spent.


    Your job isn’t just to explain,… Your job is to explain, show, motivate and coach. Your student does the work, the thinking while you are on the sidelines, not centre stage.


    If you can change your student’s motivation about a subject, they will start to;


    • pay more attention in class,
    • spend more time doing homework by themselves,
    • push themselves a little harder when they come up against a tough question in exams and not give up.

    People are motivated differently.


    Not everyone is motivated in the same way.

    They could be motivated by others:

    “I (or your teacher or your parents) would love it if you could have next week’s homework handed in early”.


    They could be motivated by goals:


    “You got 35 out of 50 this week. Let’s see if you can beat that next week”.


    They could be motivated by competition:

    “How did you do in the test compared to Louis? Let’s beat Louis in the next test”. I know my son is motivated this way.


    Small steps. Small wins.


    *Break topics into small steps.


    * Start at the very start, don’t skip a thing.


    *Make each step as easy to master as possible.


    * Have the students practice and practice until they feel 110% confident.


    * Praise them at each step! Make sure they see themselves progressing. Tell their parents. Keep the praise going.


    Homework vs learning


    Many students feel pressured to hand in homework they don’t understand. Again, go back to the beginning, eventually it will click.


    Try spending 30 minutes on homework, then the rest of the time on revision. Sometimes it might be all about the revision

    Create a great listing

    Students and parents want to get to know you as a person.  Your hobbies might spark the interest of a new student or parent. Add more to your listing, you will get more enquiries.


    Use a great photo

    Find a high-quality clear photo where you look relaxed, happy and approachable. Tutors can be role models, you may be studying or teaching the same career as a potential student.

    Quick Responses

    Reply immediately, don’t leave it. They will look for a tutor who is more motivated.

    Always reply fast, even to say you aren’t taking on any more students at this time.