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Optimum Movement Centre


We can help you achieve your health and fitness goals! The Optimum Movement Centre incorporates MedX® equipment, scientifically designed to increase strength, endurance, flexibility and range of motion, along with functional fitness to increase strength, power, mobility, flexibility, agility and endurance to improve your overall fitness and wellbeing. We will create a personalized training program designed for YOU. https://www.optimummovementcentre.com.au/  


Our Philosophy We believe that feeling and looking great starts from the inside; with an effective attitude and mind set. We treat each and every person as a valued family member. Every member is assessed and coached according to their individual needs and desired goals. We strive to add real value to the our members’ lives by helping them live a better quality of life through becoming functionally fitter, more confident and empowered. At the OMC, we do NOT believe in six- week fitness challenges; we believe in long term commitment to massively improve health and wellbeing. We believe that correct training along with an optimum diet and lifestyle, is the most effective way to achieve a high level of health, wellbeing and vitality, for the long term. At the OMC, we understand that the most effective coach, is a person who is leading by example. We are always seeking self-improvement and are continually searching for greater knowledge and understanding. We do not believe in gimmicks. We always keep it real and this relates to our training techniques as well as the way we treat our members. We believe that a human being is a holistic organism. We seek to always understand our members as a whole, including their age, lifestyle, motivation levels, desired goals, life experiences, strengths, limitations and challenges to help them become better versions of themselves.

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