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Jack Benci – Online and Physical High School Math Tutor


Let's get to the point: Maths can be a bit of a mess!

Trying to understand and memorise all of the concepts and language can be an endless endeavour. Terms like, 'antidifferentiation' and 'quadratic formula' strike fear (and complete boredom!) into any student anywhere, especially for those of us who aren't particularly interested in Math. Its a shame to see such high-potential, that everyone has when taught right, resolve in naught. The question is, how do we fix it? We approach things differently.


So. What is Math? To me, it's a house under construction, and you can't build a house without a toolbox. A Mathematical Toolbox if you will. Any given task, question, exam or project in Math asks you to use your abilities to answer the problem. My goal then is to give you all the information and help you understand it in your own unique way - whatever helps you put a particular skill in your toolbox. As the years go by for students in our education system, both schools and eventually the working world value that useful knowledge. But, learning is only half the battle. Applying these incredible skills is what Math is all about. It's all great to have a hammer in your toolbox, but if you're hitting the nail with the handle, we may have to teach differently. And that's ok!


What is my job as a Tutor?

As a Tutor, my job is two-fold! I will help you learn and help you consolidate. From what I've said so far, you may think that tutoring doesn't suit those who are capable already, however, the ways we apply our knowledge really makes the difference in understanding Math to excelling in it. A new perspective on how we approach problems allows us to discover new ways to become better mathematicians than we once were.


What areas can you assist in?

I am able to assist in many areas of Maths. Let me list of a few examples:

Understanding Algebra; How to manipulate Symbols in our favour, to help us solve equations (literal or otherwise) and how Algebra interacts with Polynomials and Graphs of Motion.

Applications of Calculus; How we can use "Rates of Change" to find instantaneous data points and apply that to problem-solving including concepts such as 'Differentiation' and 'Antidifferentiation'.

Trigonometry and Geometry; The infamous SOHCAHTOA (Sin, Cosine and Tangent). Solving triangles using an understanding of circular functions. Grasping the concepts of Area, Volume, Perimeter and Circumference.

Factors; Understanding the concept of square numbers, prime numbers and surds, and their interactions with other concepts.

Number Types; Learning and Recognising types of numbers including Natural Numbers, Integers, Rational Numbers, Irrational Numbers, Imaginary Numbers and Real Numbers.

Probability; How we can use models, along with expressions, to find out frequencies of events and variables.

And much more... Feel free to ask!


So who are you?

I am a current VCE Student under Geelong Baptist College, partaking in Mathematical Methods, Physics and Chemistry among other subjects, with awards to boot in all areas. After this year, I plan on taking up these subjects to tutor in as well. I take particular interest in Years 7 - 11, however, I have tutored students from Years 3 - 12 before. Regarding achievements, I am under the Kwong Lee Dowl Scholarship with Melbourne University and last year was rewarded the School of Engineering Award from Deakin University. Additionally, I have won a multitude of academic excellence awards in all subjects areas - holding the highest score in a variety of areas, predominately in STEM.


How do I contact you?

If you've decided you would like to contact me, please feel free to give a call or SMS at 0434 870 759, or email at jackgbenci@gmail.com for more details! Paying money for something like this can be worrying! So if you desire a free trial, please let me know. I'm more than happy to accommodate for any requirement, including physical one-on-one sessions. Tutoring lessons can be on either a Casual or Regular basis, including one-off lessons on certain topics.


Primary/Secondary Education (Prep - Year 12)


Melbourne University Kwong Lee Dowl Scholarship - Deakin School of Engineering Award

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