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    Things to know...

    Don’t get a tutor to do your homework. They can’t sit your exams!

    Don’t get a tutor if you think a tutor is going to work miracles. You are still going to have to do work and put in effort. We all learn by… doing. You and your tutor are a team and will equally have to put in a lot of effort.

    Don’t get a tutor if you are just wasting your parent’s money. If you are keen, your parents aren’t wasting their money.


    Help your tutor to help you, let them know what you need help on, don’t just say “I need help with everything” know exactly what you need help with.


    Never be afraid to ask questions. There is never a dumb question, just people who are too embarrassed or scared to ask a question. Keep asking until you get it, ask again and again. In a class I can guarantee you that someone else will be thinking the same question.


    Don’t cram, organise what’s important and focus. Be organised with exam and assessment dates.


    Take time to review – It will help it sink in


    Think of your tutor as a sports coach. A sports coach doesn’t just show a swimmer how to do a better stroke an or a footy coach how to tackle or kick better or more accurate. The swimmer, footy player or dancer will only get better by practicing, practicing and practicing. Your tutor is your coach motivating you, helping you focus and challenging you. Together you should gain more motivation and more confidence to improve your marks in a subject, on the footy field or on the stage.