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A little bit of history about us…

Ginny and Jane are working mum’s. They spend a lot of their hard earned money on their kids school uniforms, sports uniform and equipment, musical instruments, dance wear. The list goes on and on.


Ginny’s story was – she had a size 11 boys blazer, still in perfect condition, that she paid $250 for and wanted to get some money back. She listed it on Gumtree without success. She tried to sell it on Gumtree first as the school wanted ( get this ) to give me only $50 credit to spend in the school uniform shop, but I wanted the $50 in my pocket to spend how i wanted!


It gets better…


They also wanted it dry cleaned, (cheeky me, took a dry cleaned work jacket out of the plastic and popped the blazer in). The lengths we go to save a bit of money. The then sell it on for $100, you do the math. Who was winning here, it certainly wasn’t me!


This is where Jane comes in ( being the self confessed idea’s person that she is ). So Jane says, “Ginny we need somewhere to sell secondhand school uniforms?”


Ginny’s response was “Jane you are a genius!”


School Uniform Trading was born.


Now back to you as it’s all about you, saving money. We know you are busy, hard working and want more money back in your wallet, this is where we are here to help! While you are on school uniform trading selling, why not buy off another mum and dad out there. Win, win i say.


We hope you love our website as much as we do

Jane & Ginny