Surfboard Rack


Dimensions: Height 1m x Wide: 90cm x Depth: 62cm. Australian made and owned.T •Sometimes installing a permanent wall rack isn't an option, so we designed the strongest, best-looking, and most universal-friendly freestanding surf rack on the market. Our Freestanding Rack is first class, easy-assembled and a sturdy solution with no fixing to walls required making it perfect for those who are renting or living in units. •Not only designed for surfboards, it is also perfect for snowboards, ski’s, wakeboards, wake ski’s and skimboards. As well as a versatile storage solution for wetsuits, fishing rods, spearguns, guitars and much more. Perfect for any home or shop looking for an efficient, multi-purpose storage or display option. •Our Freestanding Racks are made of high quality timber with one coat of primer & two coats of Dualux enamel in black or white. Very lightweight at 7.3kg designed to manoeuvre around different spots with ease. •Soft base pad provides great protection from slippage, dings, and scratches. Holds up two eight board, four with fins, four without and up to 7’6”ft mal long boards. Top rails holds content in place with previsional accuracy.  

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